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My name is steroid

Every top fighter use steroids and all kind of other stuff. Including Bas Rutten,Mirko "cro Cop" Filipovič,Tito Ortis,etc... That is the truth!


Mixed martial arts has gained so much popularity in the past few years. It's really becoming a widely recognised sport. It's good to see those guys who go out and battle like they do, get some well deserved attention.


he probably was on steroids. Look at him during the "flying knee ko" fight. He was huge!

sifu joomla

UFC isn't strict on DOPING issues. Dana is all for the money.

Fight TV

From Heavyweight to Lightweight... UFC is full of steroid freaks. Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk...Randy Couture! LIKE almost all of 'em!
And Dana doesn't even care. Athletic Commission anyway have their commissions after the fight..Toinks!

Jail those roid freaks and have THC lads fight insteAD.


watch ufc online

Yes of course Irvin was the only competitor who tested positive for a banned substance, to watch online I used different sources, this wan good blog, thanks for the share.


I hate when people say he is "clearly" on steroids because of his "size" in fights, pathetic, its the man JOB to fight and training is like training for your job

Blah Blah

What kind of steroids was found in James Irvin?????

sammy sosa


Done with MMA, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Underwater Basket weaving, ha,ha,ha etc.

I am tired of all the cheaters and steroids. If a sport cannot do olympic style blood and urine testing for hgh, steroids, etc, then they are not going to get my money. Look at baseball. Even though the sport is boring and has many problems, steroids killed baseball's revenue. I see the empty stands and see how cameras try to manipulate seating shots to make it appear there is a full stadium. A real man stands on his own two feet for what he is and struggles to change his weaknesses into strengths, not cheat with steroids. All those mma cheaters are just a bunch of losers, and regardless of the media hype or money thrown they will always look like that in everyone's eyes, period. Why don't I give everyone a bat who didn't take steroids to even the playing field. Americans know their "pro" sports are tainted, and we don't need to wait for congress to fix you. Everyone speaks of mma like it is a circus rather than a sport because of all the controversy. You are going the same route as fake wrestling or strongman competitions that make no money because of steroid losers. It is cause and effect. Less fans, less attendance at other venues like bars, means less money for all businesses around. Regulate steroids before it destroys your source of income. I know I am not going to any events until you fix this crap.

List of Steroid Cheaters, some are still with their organizations after a slap on the wrist.ex Chris Leben


Really, you cheat you get another chance, bullshit!!!

For everyone who supports steroid use, I don't know what to say. You are either born a man or not, and compensating by drugs pretty much answers those questions. Everyone can see when most anyone really abuses steroids, and notes records broken, and people dying of cancer early. I hope those that support it take it and die from the stuff so the rest of us can enjoy this rock with a few less losers on it.

Piss tests are not good enough because any cheater can use a catheter and fill his bladder with whatever at any time. The testing is also not that costly, for blood and urine, so that argument don't fly with me either. Also sports need to publicly state who was on what whenever they fail a test. Football and baseball keep their information private other than announcing a failed PED. I hear about a steroid user and I boycott and bad mouth.

Dana White you are a DOUCHE
Army of Darkness

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For everyone who supports steroid use, I don't know what to say. You are either born a man or not, and compensating by drugs pretty much answers those questions. Everyone can see when most anyone really abuses steroids, and notes records broken, and people dying of cancer early. I hope those that support it take it and die from the stuff so the rest of us can enjoy this rock with a few less losers on it.

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