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Are these hearings about our kids? or more about the status quo?

Steroid use is down in our young people, we heard this same argument when Alzado self diagnosed steroid cancer. "We must protect our kids" was the saying at that time. Steroids were made class III controlled sunstances in 1990. THe Dea busted pro-wrestlers and bodybuilders, but where was the education factor? if Taylor Hooten died due to steroids where was the education for the kids when these drugs were banned back in 1990?

As far as hgh goes this is more complicated, I recently talked to a former high ranking employee of a major drug company, he has a unigue perspective on this, The large drug companies have no interest in a new health craze they are making money hand over fist with the current reactionary health care system, the last thing these companies want is a return to the health crazed 1970's and 1980's.

Anti-aging clinics, dietary supplements and the fitness industry are no friends to the large drug companies,over 80% of health care expenses goes to chronic conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking and alcohol abuse, obesity, these are the real problems. Steroid and HGH do have some real medical uses, new laws will make it even more difficult for doctors to prescribe these drugs for proper use. Also DHEA, a dietary supplement is set to be banned after these hearings. The truth, many of these congressman are in the back pockets of the stauts quo health care system, any and I mean any challenge to that system will not be tolerated, HGH, anti-aging, dietary supplements are listed as dangerous and of course a threat to our kids, this is a broken record.

When congress reacts to the rise of obesity and other health threats to our kids that will be a day for news coverage. Kids now are also having less access to doctors as our young medicals students are leaving family practioner careers to become surgeons, more money and also the staus quo of no prevention just treatment. HGH is not the real threat to our kids, the staus quo is.


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Do we want to be hosting barbecues for our nanny prior to testifying before Congress, so we can get her our story straight.

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