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sal m

it's sad that so many baseball players have stood behind clemens telling everyone that he was a great teammate and they didn't care what he may or may have not done.

these guys are all part of the problem and they do not care at all what the rest of us think. it's depressing that so many fans still slavishly worship these types.


I am overcome with angst about about the decline of ethics and morals in this country. Govt, Business, Religion, Sports, all show decline.

The Govt lies to use about involvement in Iraq. Businesses cheat customers and their employees. Priests abuse vulnerable children. Athletes use PEDs to cheat their peers and fans.

Someone or some movement needs to step up and introduce some moral fiber (without being puritanical). Otherwise the decline will continue. It's very sad.


I recently heard a couple of guys talking about this on-going saga on a local AM radio sports talk show. One of them mentioned something that I believe gets at the heart of the matter.
Simply put, those in places of authority and responsibility in MLB baseball chose making $$$ over doing the right thing. They were willing to overlook PED use because fans were loving the pitchers throwing faster than ever & home-run records being challenged and broken. Fans responding = more $$$ = willing to look the other way.
Simple math. IMHO, it should be folks like Bud Selig who should be in the hot seat, not Roger Clemens.

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Barry Bonds, No. 1 on baseball's list of career home runs, cannot get an offer to play for any team, perhaps in part because he is under federal indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

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