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Bo Law Man

Figures. Now he'll come out and say he MIS Remembered. Clemen's has to follow the same perjury pathway as Barry Bonds and the gal track star. If the stupid Attorney General can attack these other athletes for that same reason he can't just overlook Clemens because he's a republican honkey can he? Oh, right I guess he can. What a great, just, fair and balanced country we do liven in. Praise America. Praise the lord. Praise the Juice. Impeach and Prosecute.


this message is to roger clemens

please come clean and confess ...for you families sake and for your sake




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Does this mean the Justice Dept will launch a Clemens perjury investigation? Who knows? How important is the issue? Does this evidence even become admissible in court? Is everyone tired of trials-by-media-release?

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