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Cedric Daniels

And what about the football press which fails to even address the subject of rampant PED use in the NFL, College and High School football.

Atleast the MLB HOF will have the discussion while guys like Michael Irving receive a heros welcome in Canton.

Jay Parsons

It's Irvin* and he was great ..not a steroid user either wtf

Cedric Daniels

First of all, we don't know what PED's IRVIN used. I assume, as we all should, that majority of athelets, especially athletes in the NFL use or have used PEDs. PED use is rampant in the NFL.

But I wasn't even reffering to PEDs I was simply talking about all his off the field altercations involving women and and other illegal drugs.

Great player, yes, but sorry ass excuse for a human being too. but most fans are such hipocrites, they could care less.

Steve Doty

This site is dedicated to this exact issue...looking at Pete Rose vs. Steroids from an integrity of the game perspective.

Steve Doty

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