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Don't you mean Bret Boone instead of Aaron Boone? Bret Boone got huge for a couple of years, and then once "the steroid crackdown" happened, his production fell off so bad he retired.


Have there been any real links to Marcus Giles besides his career decline? I am most suspicious of the guys like Mark Sweeney who almost dropped out of the league due to injury and poor performance, then started producing in their mid-30s.


i think it's impossible to pin down only 11... i agree with all your picks but i don't know how milton bradley, michael barrett, cliff floyd and livan hernandez wouldn't be on the list either. Mitchell's data hasn't been combined with the "hundreds of thousands of names" DEA list, right?

Steroid Nation

We thought Aaron Boone, because he will be a free agent. Frankly, we can't keep all the Boones straight. We were going to name Daniel Boone, until someone told us he retired too.

How about Marcus Giles? Not being big players of roto baseball, we are not experts on rosters and stats. We kinda know who George Brett was.

A close relative (son counts right?) mentioned Giles when we were attending a San Diego game. We Googled Giles...and there is alot out there on him.

Mike Sweeney? Fine hit us where it hurts, OK? Don't take this personally but Sweeney doesn't have a juiced body.

You all have given us some thoughts...


Similarly, Marcus Giles' brother Brian got huge in the late 90s/early 00s (averaging around 35HR 100RBI .300 AVG), and once he left Pittsburgh for San Diego, his production has drastically declined, and he seems to have lost some weight.

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