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As a former member of the law enforcement community I can agree that steroid use does exist. But again police officers suffer from high rates of alcohol abuse, domestic violence and depression.

And look closely at your local police officers. I am not lacking sympathy but many officers are overweight and outright obese. Again these are the real problems facing this community as well. How many "Steroid" enhanced police officers do you see on the streets??????


There is no doubt police suffer from a high rate of stress-related disorders, as you say. It's a tough job, that isn't made any easier by the politicians.

I also agree with the other physical problems that exist in police officers. That reflects these issues in general in society.

However, none of these are excuses for steroid abuse (and you did not make any excuses).

Actually I like to pick out steroid users on the streets. For cops you look at the big guns, and excessive physiques..all the same tell-tale physical signs...that could be body-building...but often appears to go beyond that.


If the use is regulated there should not be a problem. THe main issue is that the public tends to listen to the media for every bit of information and does not question its validity.
I work in EMS and can tell you I have thanked god more than once for sending the "Blue Hulk" to my location. Until you have the pleasure of wrestling with a PCP addict or crackhead, you will never understand the edge they need.
Yeah, they have taser and other non-lethal weapons, but none of that matters to the other side when there jacked up on PCP.

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