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I just want to say this after reading the transcripts of Michelle Collins' trial, i personally knew her at the time of her suspension and can say that she never ever came across as an angry woman, to me she was one of the most generous and friendly people that I have every met, and this was always the case. when i found about the suspension my first reaction was it was a mistake, because she never exhibited any characteristics of "roid rage" or any bad termperment behaviors that could have been attributed to steroids.

But I am happy to see her back in the IAAF, and wish she had talked to me at the time, because she had my support and still does. and if she reads this and is wondering who I am, well i used to deliver her shoes and powerbar supplements and I always received gifts from her in return, lol



I think she is one very beautiful, hot woman. Just saying.

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michelle collins is an ex team mate of mine from the univ of hou.track team and when she came back from competing overseas in the summer she did appear to be more aggressive,and more masculine i noticed it right away..even stevie wonder could see that

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that could have been attributed to steroids

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michelle collins is an ex team mate of mine from the univ of hou.track team and when she came back from competing overseas in the summer she did appear to be more aggressive,and more masculine i noticed it right away..even stevie wonder could see that


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